What we do

Soccer Programs and opportunities For Children (18 Months To 18 Years)

 - Preschool (18 months to 3 years)

 - Wee Kickers (3 years to 8 years: Development)

 - Academy (8 years to 14 years: Performance)

 - Goalkeeper Training (Middle and High School)

- High School Soccer Preparation

- Athletic Development

 - Private training/Small group training (All ages)

 - Community Outreach programs


Preschool/        Parent & Me

Our Pre School programs (18 month to 3 years) offer children a world of exploration through soccer!

Freedom of thought and movement is encouraged as we skip, hop, jump, dribble and kick our way through each class!

Movement and coordination games are infused using fun games and activities designed to engage each child!


Wee Kickers


Our FC Futbol Wee Kickers program (Ages 3-8) is aimed at introducing and developing a strong foundation of skills and awareness!





Our FC Futbol Performance Academy is for players (ages 8-14) looking to develop their skills and performance.




Futsal is an exciting, fast paced game, played indoors, with a smaller heavier ball.  The emphasis is on skill development, maximizing number of touches on the ball, and rapidly improving technical ability and tactical awareness.  Creativity, improvisation, vision and flair are encouraged as players enjoy the game through freedom of thought and expression.



FC Futbol is about fun, freedom, and focus; Learning to express yourself through soccer.

Giving yourself to the game, to want, to create, to drive, to love, to inspire...

Using Futbol as a catalyst for change, for empowerment, for self-improvement, for hope, for dreams...

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