NINJA Training

'Ninja Training' is a system of training aimed at the development of motor abilities and the control of body movement through development of the neuromuscular system. 'Ninja Training' gives children a unique approach to health and fitness, encompassing strength, conditioning, flexibility, problem solving and teamwork.  It is very obstacle based, with various stations set up for students to flow through which would test strength, running, balance, jumping, coordination and endurance; and all within a safe, controlled environment.  Class sessions focus on: Focus/Concentration, Perseverence/Teamwork, Courage, Discipline, Coordination, Fitness/Agility, Control/Technique, Flexibility


Ninja Training

 - Morning Enrichment

 - 8-week program (7.30am-8.15am)

 - Grades K-3

 - Different training focus and obstacles each week

 - Email to sign up: