New: Winter Club Program

Competitive Club Team for Bo (Birth year 2008/2009)

December 2018 through March 2019

Indoor Training 3 x week plus 4 Tournaments (5v5)


Winter Club Team

Boys (2008/2009 Birth Year)

- Indoor turf facility (Extra Innings, East Hanover, NJ)

- Accelerated Technical and Tactical Development

- 48 hours of high quality winter training (3 x week)!

- Competitive Environment

- 4 x Tournaments per team

- Highly qualified and experienced coaches

- Limited Spots

- Player Centered and Tailored Curriculum

- Deliberate Practice (Increased number of focused training hours is directly related to enhanced player development and improvement)


- $1050 per player

- Payment plans are available, please contact us for details


- Tuesday/Thursday (4.00pm-5.30pm)

- Saturdays: (6.00pm-7.00pm)

- 4 x Tournaments (5v5)

Why FC Futbol’s Winter Club Team:

- Compare with other clubs who train 1 x week in winter, with various trainers with different training philosophies, and different team members each week.

- 48 hours of focused high level training (3 x week) leading to enhanced learning

- Dedicated, committed coaching, focused solely on these 2 teams

- Cost equates to around $20 per training session (There is no club offering this high level competitive training environment)


Chris Calveley, Director/Owner


Cell: 973-818-0764